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Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

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      What is the best way to clean out my coffee maker?


        Pour Vinegar in the part you add water. ÝUse at least one Cup. (I use about 1/2 a pot.) ÝThen run 2 or 3 pots of water through your machine to remove the Vinegar. ÝLime Away works but it is more expensive. ÝThen after the Vinegar has run through throw it down your sink and add Baking Soda (Put in before the Vinegar). ÝWhen it stops foaming. Pour or run very hot water down the sink. ÝThis clears the drain. ÝTwo uses for the price of one! That’s frugal.


          Hi John, If your glass pot has a coffee film, add some baking soda and white vinegar to the glass pot. When this stops foaming up wash with a soft cloth then rince with water.

          I did this when the film of coffee stained the glass and I couldn’t get it off. I was amazed at how well this worked and the glass caraf (Pot) never looked better!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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