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Bedroom decorating idea

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      I love to have things in my bedroom coordinate but it’s really hard to do on such a tight budget. I bought curtains at an outlet store for 1.99 a panel. I actually accidentally bought too many panels not realizing that I would only need to hang two over my large bedroom window. When I hung 4 it was just too much. Rather than returning the extra panels I found that they are large enough to cut into pillow cases! I now have pillow cases (including one for my large body pillow) that match my curtains! I use 4 pillows on my bed and sheet sets only come with 2 pillow cases…….now I have enough to cover all my pillows! When I get tired of the set I have now I’ll just buy some new curtains and do the same again! I hope you all enjoy this helpful tip….you can save a lot of money rather than buying shams to match your curtains!


        This is a Great idea!… Why is it that all of the coordinating pieces are always so expensive? It's like they get you with the bedspread & then “bang” they hit you with the little pillows and things! And, you know the bedspread material is a lot more expensive than those little matching things!


          My mother use to make our pillow cases out of any cotton material she could find!
          Some of the prints were pretty wild. You can buy sheets on ebay or other online places without the cost of cases. Go to your thrift store or use what material you have for cases. An old skirt would work as well.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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