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Bee Frass (poop) stain, HELP!!

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      We live next to a gentleman who has many honeybees, and just recently I discovered that the strange “rust” colored stains on our clothing were the result of bee frass…  poop.  I have tried shout, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, club soda to no avail…  anyone with any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!  This is ruining my children’s clothing!!!  Christina


        Try adding baking soda or lemon juice to your wash next time.  If you use lemon juice, make sure you rinse well. This should take out the stain.  Also, you may want to switch to a scent free laundry soap and if you use fabric softener, you may want to cut down on that as well.  The scent may be what is attracting the bees to your wash.  


          Poop is normally made up of enzymes, protein and bacteria. I use a product called “Zout”, made for such stains. I get it from the local supermarket or bed, bath and beyond. It’s gotten old stains out like blood, rust and red wine. Works great if you wet the area first then let the product sit on the stain.

          Good luck!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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