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Box training a new kitten..

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      Hi, I have had our new kitten for a week now. When we first brought him home we showed him the litter box. It is placed in a quiet location easy to access so I know location isn’t the problem. Anyway, after the first day I couldn’t see urine or poop anywhere in the box so I started watching him. I saw him poop on my carpet in a corner under a display stand and immediately took him to the litter box. Later on that night I heard him meowing and I looked under my bed and yet again he pooped. So me and my whole family started watching him really closely to see when he was going to ‘go’. If we saw him sniffing around we would take him to his box and he would use it. After two days or so of doing this he started to use it on his own. All of the sudden yesterday and today he is urninating in other places and before he goes meows at me waiting for me to take him to his litter box even thought he knows where it is. Today, a week later after he pooped under my display case he has pooped there again. Somebody please help me!


        Another thing I forgot to mention is when he does manage to use the box, he NEVER buries his waste. He digs a hole to put it in, but he never buries it. Something I have never seen in a cat before.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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