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brewers yeast w/garlic

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      i used to buy frontline for my dogs but i never liked using chemicals on them then i heard about garlic and brewers yeast and decided to give it a try.

      i bought the brewers yeast w/garlic that also had vitamins and nutrients and it worked fantastic.
      i have 4 american eskimo's and there is not a flea to be found, their fur has never been softer or shinier. they have more energy and all in all i have noticed a big change in them for the better. 

      only problem is you need to start it before “flea season” and don't stop. i ran out and didn't start again for a week and they started scratching and it took another 3 wks. to get flea free again.

      i use the tablets and just mix them, whole in their food. my youngest 2 love them.


        I'm wondering if this would work for us, or if I could just wait it out.  Our cats and dogs have been eaten up with fleas lately.  DH thought they would die off after the first frost, (we're in Ohio), but they don't really seem to be.  Besides, one of the cats stays indoors.  I'm assuming it comes out cheaper?  I wanted to get them the frontline, but I don't have the money.  :(  What do you think? 



          How about Diatamacous earth?  You may find the info here helpful to you:

          Just be careful about EO's on cats.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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