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canning recipe

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      Does anyone have a canning recipe for jalapeÒo dill pickles? I’ve checked several recipe websites but haven’t located one. Thanks for your help!



        I don’t exactly have a recipe for jalapeno dill pickles; however. I have canned dill pickles and all sorts of hot peppers before. I am thinking that if you are using fresh cucumbers and jalapenos (get them reletively small first time around, you can use bigger peppers later) with a hot vinegar solution, you should be able to just:
        *score the peppers lightly several times down one side with a sharp knife-I find scoring them diagonally helps keep them from falling apart so easily
        *pack your cucumbers in the jars, adding 1 or 2 peppers as you go (you can use more the next time around if you really like them hot, it’s a matter of not overdoing it until you see how well you like them), along with maybe a dill sprig and a small, scored, garlic clove
        *add your hot vinegar solution, following directions on adding liquid, removing air bubbles, and wiping the jar threads
        *put the lids on, and put them in the boiling water bath or pressure cooker for the recommended time for pickles
        *let them cool, then store them-the longer they are stored the hotter they will be
        *enjoy! …now I want to try jalapeno dill pickles myself…


          I agree with Tangerine.  I’ve done dills for years, experimenting with different peppers, and have found the best thing to do is start with what you think is the hottest pepper you can eat.  If you can eat a Jalepenos, one pepper per quart jar is enough.  I don’t just score my peppers, though.  I wear disposable rubber gloves and slice them into quarters per jar.  
          Just use any dill pickle recipe you can find and add your Jalepenos to them (don’t forget a clove of fresh garlic to each quart).  You’ll learn quickly (as I did with alum) what is good and what isn’t.  


            Hi Ya Max!!~~ ;D ::) Here is the recipe and the site I got it from. Also I use Copernic search engines and get awesome results. Hope you like this one.

            With Care, DonnaTMann~~ ;D


            For Copernic search engines go to


            4 c. sliced whole jalapeno peppers
            1 c. sugar
            1 c. water
            pickling salt
            1 c. white vinegar
            1 tsp. pickling spice

            Combine sugar, vinegar and water. Tie spice in cheese cloth and add to vinegar mixture. Bring to boil. Prepare peppers. Pour boiling water over them and let stand 10 minutes. Pack into hot pint jars. Add 1/2 tsp. pickling salt to each. Pour boiling vinegar over and seal. Process 10 minutes in hot water bath

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