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Car Insurance

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      I have a 1999 Ford Escort.  Any good inexpensive auto companies out there? My rates went up $100.00 last time. (No acidents just due to rate  increases.) They are still $711.00 every 6 months even though it’s now a year older.   I had Giekco (sp) prior to this company they charged $1000.00 every 6 months.

      My other question is should I reduce my property damage part to $10,000 from $25,000.  I ask because I would save only $12.00 a year to lower my rate.      


        Try getting quotes from
        Electric Insurance(GE)

        and AIG Insurance

        I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

                           Bill R.


          Thanks. I will check out those sites.


   will give you their quote plus six other companies at the same time to prove they are cheaper.


              Yep, that’s what Progressive advertises! However, in the
              REAL world, they are HIGH. At least, for our cars they were.
              I suppose rates vary, depending on what state or metro
              area you live in.   ;D

              It’s sort of like several of the life insurance companies who
              advertise that you’ll get the lowest rate if you check their
              Internet site. About a year ago I checked several of these
              so-called ‘cheap sites’ and found they were all too high. I
              found out one thing….it’s almost impossible to get the cheap rates they advertise in their TV ads unless you have NEVER been to the doctor and are in PERFECT health.      ::)

              Well, getting back to the original subject…Car Insurance.
              I did find a drawback for those of you looking for CHEAP
              car insurance. Electric Insurance(GE) does NOT have local
              agents. That’s how they save you money. You deal with
              them over toll-free phone numbers or the Internet. Some
              of you might NOT like that. A big PLUS though….they write
              their policies for a 12 month period, NOT 6 months. And,
              they let you make about 4 or 5 payments, so you don’t
              have to cough up a lump sum all at once.    :D


                Good Information.  Thanks.  By the way if any of you own a home or at least 2 vehicles most good companies will give you a better rate if you combine insurance policies.  Also ask what is the difference in
                price for different types of coverage. IE:$250.00 deductible verses a $500.00 or $1,000.00  and $10,000.00 vs $25,000.00 coverage excetra.


                  Remember that insurance is affected by credit score as well… that MIGHT be a factor as well


                    I do not like the insurance system..i am for a change.  They base the system on fear and “if it happens” …i want a system where i pay if it happends and not pay money all your life and have no accidents and have those money been taken from me..this is dictatorship and not freedom…i was put in jaif for not having insurance.  Ya, if I hit someone and cant pay than put me in prison or forced labor until i pay what i damaged but not just becouse i do not have insurance and never hitting anyone…that is money dictatorship


                      Yes Daniel, I see where you’re coming from!   :)   But, in the REAL world a lot of folks are driving without liability insurance. :'(  That’s really not fair to folks you may run into with your vehicle, unless you ARE financially responsible. Each state is different. In my state(AL) we have what is called a Financial Responsibility law. Before you can buy a tag for your car, you must show them your liability insurance OR certification that you have enough money to pay for any damage you might do to other people’s property.  ;D  If you should be involved in an accident you must again provide proof of insurance or put up a BOND in the amount of damage to the other person’s car or property. If you can NOT do this, both your TAG and
                      DRIVER’S LICENSE are taken from you.  If the other person takes you to court to recover the costs of getting their car
                      fixed and wins their lawsuit, then the money is taken from
                      the bond you posted. Yes, this is a FREE COUNTRY, but
                      you can’t just go around doing anything you want to. You
                      must also think of other people.  ;D

                      And, rates change from year to year. They vary, depending
                      on whether you live in the city or country. Married people get better rates than single. Folks under 25 years old have to pay more. And, if you drive to work, the further you drive, the more your insurance costs.  I saw a survey just the other day which claimed that State Farm had the lowest rates. Well, they have NEVER had the lowest rates when I checked. I think it pays to RECHECK every year or so. You might save a bundle!


                        Yah, car insurance is definitely a necessary evil.

                        When I shopped around a few years ago (including AllState, AAA, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and 21st Century), Liberty Mutual and 21st Century seemed to have by far the lowest rates.  I didn’t call Geico or Progressive.

                        I’ve had Liberty Mutual insurance 4-8 years ago and 21st Century for the last 4 (since 21st Century was slightly less).  I’ve been very satisfied with Liberty Mutual, but less impressed with 21st Century’s service (though they get the job done… just be prepared for long phone wait times, etc.)

                        To save $, consider high deductibles and no purchasing comprehensive and/or collision if your car is old and is not worth much.  Always get breakdowns of the insurance quotes to help you decide whether comprehensive and/or collision is worth it.




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