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Car Insurance need help

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      Helo, ok, so since i have moved i need to get a new car insurance provider, cause my current insurance company wants to jump $500 since i moved from NC to Chicago.
      anyway, who ya’ll got for car insurance? are they reasonably priced for a 6-month period?
      i’ve done those comparisons on the web, i have checked some quotes from yeah its cool but i would like to hear what’s good from other forum members.kindly share your experience and ideas.

      thanks in advance


        Hi Monty,
           I have to tell you that I work for a major insurer. I believe the only way to get an accurate quote from a company is to deal with them directly. On top of that, you need to understand that each state is going to be a little different. The state of NC plays a different role in setting the rates than IL. Limits of liability may not be the same, you may be living in area with more claims,thefts vandalisms,etc.There are many factors.Go with a comapny that’s rated A++ by A.M.Best.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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