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Cat urinating

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      1 of our cats is suddenly weeing about the house but we don’t know why?
      We have 2 cats, Molly who is female and about 8 months old, she is impaccably clean. Alfie on the other hand is 6 months old, a tom cat who has recently been done.
      About a  month ago Alfie peed on the spare bed. He must have peed there a couple of times, right on top of the duvet. The bed was sinle cleaned and we stopped the cats going in there. After a few weeks we got complacant and left the door open when Alfie was playing in the room and peed again on the same bed. No one sleeps in the room so i don’t know why he did it.
      This morning i got out of bed and opened the door, Alfie came in and sat on the bed, which he has often done. My girlfriend was still in bed at the time. In the few minutes it took me to shower i came out to see Alfie had peed on our bed. In the last week he has peed on the kitchen and dining room floor as well.
      He has been litter trained although we have recently taken this away, both cats now go outside to use the toilet. When the litter tray was there he always used it although would occassionally wee on the floor in the hall. Both cats get alot of attention although Molly has never had any accidents. Its impossible to ban the cats from going upstairs and we’re now expecting a baby so i don’t want him peeing in a cot or having any accidents near our baby, needless to say we’re going spare, not to mention the dry cleaning bills for the duvet’s!!
      We have put down a new floor in the hallway but thats about it. Any advice would be most appreciated?


        If your cat keeps going to the bathroom everywhere and you said you took the liter box away. You should put the liter box back. You said that the cat went when u had it so put it back. I hope this is of some help to you.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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