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      I have two cats, Gilbert (2 yrs) and Jakob (6-9 months). They are usually really nice to each other. However, recently when I have gone into my monthly cycle they have begun to fight each other. >:( They are not neutered yet and I was wondering if their fighting could be connected to my cycle.  Also they have begun to defecate under the kitchen table. There has been no change in the litter brand that I use.  ??? Please help. Thank you.


        Perhaps it would help if you had a different litter box for each cat. Since they are both male, and the second male is becoming an adult (they can get neutered at 6 months, generally, so I assume they are sexually mature) perhaps there is some kind of angst with the older cat not wanting the “new guy” messing in his box. He probably wouldn’t have felt threatened by it when the new guy was a kitten, but now he’s probably leaving those “boy cat” scents as well.

        The males are a little on the territorial side and also tend to have a definite pecking order, so Gilbert may just be asserting his authority now that Jakob is getting bigger, trying to hang on to his place in the hierarchy.

        Are you planning to neuter them? That may take care of some of the problem, although depending on the personality of the cats, they may scrap from time to time anyway.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a connection with your cycle … they can smell the difference in your body odor, not that most *humans* would notice, but it may set off some kind of competition with them. I have known dogs with that problem :-)



          Unaltered males will definitely react to your cycle.  I have had this problem with a tom of my own.  He would become very aggressive and protective of me during my cycle.  After he was neutered he eventually quit doing this.  It takes a while for a maleís hormone levels to drop after neutering.  Also the younger you get it done the better.

          You really need to get them neutered if you hope to have them co-exist peacefully.  You might also try using 2 litter boxes.  Males mark their territory with urine, so using one box for two males creates a natural conflict.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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