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cleaning and maintenance of marble floors

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      i’ve searched the web on how to clean and maintain marble floors and have found some conflicting advise.  some say in italy they use vinegar or old wine and warm water.  then i read on several other sites that any acids should be avoided at all cost.  sounds conflicting as we all know that vinegar is definately acid.  any comments would be appreciated…….


        Well I am no expert, but in one of my do it yourself books, this one from readers digest, it said too clean with a nonacidic cleaner.  Perhaps this is because of chemicals used in finishing and such.  Hope some one has some clearer advice than I have!  Good luck.


          Go to a Flooring place and ask them for advice.  Ask them if there is  a web site for the company that manufactures their marble floors.  Then go to that site and ask your questions about marble floors.  I would think acid could damage marble a bit but a manufacture would know for sure.


            I used to live in Italy with beautiful marble floors.  My Italian cleaning lady used denatured alcohol.  I am not sure where this can be purchased in the US, but it kept my floors beautiful for the years I lived there.   :)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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