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Cleaning Pampered Chef Stones

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      I don’t know if any of you use the baking stones marketed by The Pampered Chef.  I have a number of them (I used to be a consultant) and thought I would pass along a cleaning tip. I use this often on my own stones and have found it effective when  cleaning stones purchased stones at yard sales.  If you are familar with the stones you know that under no condition are you to use any sort of soap or detergent on them.  The result is a soapy after taste. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of using only hot water and a scraper to remove any residue of cooking. There are two substances that are perfectly safe and effective . Both vinegar and baking soda are great at cutting through excess grease and/or stains and each rinses absolutely clean.  I use either a paste of baking soda or simply dump some in /on a damp stone. Either using my hands or a scraper I work the baking soda into the stone taking advantage of the abrasive nature of the paste that is formed. When I’ve worked the area I simply rinse with hot water and let air dry.


        You know just today, I was wondering about that. I believe the pizza type of stones are what you are talking about right.  I was baking a sweet pototoe today and noticed it was dripping on it. I was thinking how am I going to clean that thing. well now I know. Thank you.


          Thanks for the vinegar, baking soda cleaning for stones. I have used dish detergent and water on our pie stone. Didn’t honestly know.  My daughter received it as a gift.  Now I know better.


            What a great tip!  Also if somone forgets and uses soap, cleaning  stones with baking soda is supposed to remove the icky residue taste.   Debby


              Great tip I just had to clean mine after reading that.  I am guilty of using a little soap once in a while.  I love cleaning with baking soda and vinager


                Another great tip. If your stone is ever just too disgusting for standard cleaning (someone mentioned yard sales), you can put it in your oven and run the self-cleaning mode, and your stone will come out as though it were brand new!  Of course, this does eliminate the seasoning of the stone, but if something is so baked on or sticky with burnt grease that you can't imagine using it ever again, then it is worth it.


                  Okay, so I have my Pampered Chef stone, I've had it for years. Unfortunately I have been very reserved from using it because my mom borrowed it and applied PAM on one of it's first uses. It has since had a very bad smell and left a minor stench on anything I cooked on it.

                  Yearning to cook with it, I took and did the Baking Soda cleaning procedure. That didn't work. So I tried it on a larger scale and let it set for several hours and tried again. after doing this a few times, I realized it had worked, but not completely. So I got to thinking. I realized that the problem is that there is oil baked into the stone. So, I placed the stone in the oven, filled it to the brim with water and set the oven to 350. I allowed it to preheat all together (This, in my mind, mitigated the risk of cracking the stone) and cooked it for 30 minutes. I then turned the oven off and let it cook to where I could put a dry towel in. I used that to pick up all of the fatty deposits that surfaced, then the water. I did this twice, and let me tell you this did what the baking soda scrub could never do. I am tempted to try again with a 1:4 Baking Soda – Water solution and see what the results are.

                  Anyway, this is something that I thought I'd share.

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