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Condo living – our neighbors are elephants!

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      Hi Forum,

      We’ve just moved into a condo and it’s our first time in a multi-family dwelling.  It’s a new construction (high-end materials and top-notch builder) so it’s been built with all of the latest materials/methods to help with noise containment.  

      Unfortunately, just after moving in, we realizied that our neighbors in the unit above us have VERY heavy footsteps.  Early in the morning to late at night – pounding all over the ceiling.  They have a small child that runs around all day and the adult footsteps cause the light fixtures in the ceiling to vibrate.  If their unit is similar to ours they will have hardwood floors throughout – which probably isn’t helping matters.

      We plan to chat with them about it.  We’ve already mentioned it to our head of the HOA.  We don’t want to alienate our neighbors or hurt their feelings – but we also don’t like the thought of living in what sounds like a popcorn popper!  

      Any suggestions or recommended approaches to this somewhat delicate issue?  

      Thanks in advance.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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