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Cookie Sheet has baked on stains!

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      I have a large cookie sheet that I use to catch any spills when baking pies or lasagne pans.  I have sprayed them at some point with cooking spray  ???so the spills will clean up better but the oil has baked on.  I’ve tried everything and nothing has helped to remove it.  This is a heavy duty restaurant style cookie sheet and I don’t want to get rid of it.     Thanks ~~ lakenana


        Have you tried scrubbing it with a paste of baking soda and a good dish detergent? (Thin the detergent a little before making the paste.)  I have had a lot of success removing baked on stains with this.
        I have also read (but not tried) that you can cut a lemon in half, dip it in baking soda and use it for scrubbing stains from metal.


          If the Baking Soda doesn’t work then you might want to soak it in Oxi Clean for 2-6 hours or more.  I did this with some pots I bought at a yard sale.  After soaking them I took an SOS pad and scrubbed the metal around the handles.  All of the built up dirt/grease came off.  Even the baked on dirt/grease on the bottom of the larger pot.  I don’t think it will hurt but definely try the baking soda first.  Actually I probably would have been able to get the built up grease/dirt off with a regular scrub pad after soaking.  It might have taken a bit more effort (elbow grease).  Let us know if either method works please. It would only be polite.  


            I have a heavy-duty cookie sheet I use for the same thing.  I try not to use my oven’s self-cleaning feature very often, because it uses a lot of electricity and produces fumes, but when I do use it (with the windows open) I leave the cookie sheet inside and the high heat cooks off the baked-on grease.  You probably shouldn’t try this with anything but a heavy institutional cookie sheet, or it will warp from the high heat, and you should definitely get off as much crud as you can first.


              Hi.  I’m new to this type of messaging, but thought I’d share how I clean my baking sheets.  Same thing happened to me and I simply sprayed the cookie sheet (outdoors) with an oven-cleaning spray that doesn’t require heat.  I left it overnight, washed it the next day.  Had to repeat, but it came clean as new the second time.


                Have you tried Scotch Brite?  The oven cleaner idea works well too, and requires much less ‘elbow work’.



                  We were getting our townhouse ready to sell and I wanted it spotless. I cleaned the oven racks by placing them in a plastic garbage bag, then I sprayed ammonia on the racks and tied up the end of the bag. Left them outside overnight and used the garden hose with nozzle the next morning which washed off ALL the baked on crud.  No scrubbing required. Be sure to do this outside as ammonia fumes are bad.


                    Life is too short to worry about this! Wash them and rethink how they should be.


                      Hi – I use a tin foil pan that I line with alum. foil.  When  it gets soiled or spills onit,  I just toss the foil and reline.  When the whole pan gets dirty, I throw it away and replace it.

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