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Cooking for one

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      I am “ancient of days” and live alone and HATE to cook. It seems like such a waste of time.
      Does anyone have any good easy, fast, lo-cal recipes or suggestions?


        Not a recipe, but a suggestion from someone who also doesn’t like to cook. I cook most of a weeks meals at one time. (Like I was cooking for a big family.) Then I portion the dishes out into little containers and put them in the fridge/freezer.  

        The rest of the week all I have to do is put my “meals” in the microwave. I save money, I eat healthy, and it’s quick and easy.  



          I do the same thing, but I also stock up on affordable food that is quick and easy.  I actually love to cook, but just don’t have the time for it most days, so frozen burritos and canned soup are essential.

          Anyone else have any simple meal ideas?


            When my husband was single, he used sprinkle a boneless, skinless chicken breast with lemon pepper, cover with plastic and microwave it. With so many microwave styles and powers, I can’t tell you for how long, this would take some experimentation, but I also remember him sticking a small bowl of green beans in as well. In a few minutes, he had a meat and veggie for dinner. When he started cooking for me, he made alot of slow cooked roasts. These days, crock pots come in many sizes, and you can ask your butcher counter to cut a larger roast into smaller portions. Or else cook the whole darn thing an refreeze as the other folks have suggested. Eating pre-made frozen can also mean eating alot of additives that we’re all trying to stay away from these days, despite how good they seem to taste. I am certainly guilty of enjoying the convenience at times. My son, prefers to keep a few peices of boiled chicken in his fridge. He adds this to salads, mixes it with mayo, onions and celery for a spread, puts some in a quesadilla, or simply grabs one to eat while driving. Personally, I like a little more flavor, but hey, it’s an idea.  


              My family loves these two easy, fast and frugal meals that were my stand-bys when I lived alone:

              Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Eggs

              Cook whole wheat pasta (any kind) according to directions and drain.  Place drained pasta in a skillet over medium heat. If you use nonstick you shouldn’t need any oil.  Scramble a couple of eggs (or egg whites) and pour it on top.  Cook as you would scrambled eggs and season with salt and pepper.

              You can top this with chopped tomatoes, chunks of avocado, a sprinkle of cheese, some pieces of broccoli, or anything else that sounds good.

              Brown Rice and Beans

              Cook brown rice according to directions.

              Heat a 15oz. can of black beans (you can rinse and drain first or use the juice from the can – -depending on whether the extra salt bothers you) and a 15oz. can of diced tomatoes (any variety – fire roasted are particularly good) together in one saucepan.  Season lightly with some chili powder.

              Spoon beans and tomatoes over brown rice.  

              This one can also be topped with some shredded cheese, avocado or nonfat yogurt.

              If you want it to be really frugal use dried beans instead of canned.

              Good luck!


                you could buy a pkg of meat with only one peice and make a small bit of pasta salad and quick dinner rolls that you can get from freezer.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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