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deer repellant

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      The best deer repellant I have found is Irish Spring soap, slivered and hung in old pantyhose legs from the afflicted plants/bushes.


        When abosolutly nothing else works, we found something here that has never failed. Not pleasent, but a desparate “thems or us” approach. We have deer and Elk. A single stran of electric fence charged – low volt will work fine. Punch 2 holes in can lids and string along the wire, spread with peanut butter. This works best onlong a fence but along your favorite plants will do. Deer love peanut butter and with one shock they seem to tell all their friends. Leave the wire up as a reminder or if new animals come in. Most people leave the hot wire off and enjoy watching the deer line up and march to the neighbors. ::)


          I’ve read on the internet that if you put pieces of carpet in the area where you don’t want the deer to step, it will deter them. They don’t like the feel of the carpet under their feet.


            We have loads of deer here in SouthEastern Ohio and I love to grow roses and The Deer love to eat the roses, so I started using Red Hot Pepper, this doesn’t hurt the deer but they really don’t like it.  I also use the Hot Pepper in a liquid form to spray on the roses, it also has helped keep other critters, ie: beetles, from eating at them as well.  Roses systemically absord the pepper and therefore expresses it when they are bitten into.  I have NOT noticed a fragrance difference, but the “cuttings” do leave a bit of the pepper juice on your hands, so wash well after handling cuttings.

            Also, My Grandfather being raised in the farm land in Canada has always said to plant garlic around the rosebushes, the deer don’t like garlic, and supposedly it will increase the fragrance of the roses.  Don’t know much about the second, but in the veg. garden the deer stay away where the garlic is growing. :)


              Human hair! Get friendly with your local beauty shop and ask them for their hair clippings. Spread them around where you don’t want the deer to come.


                My grandpa puts up fish line around his gardens that he doesn’t want to deer to get to.  When they run into it, it scars them, and since they can’t see it, they can’t jump over it.  Plus, you don’t have to put anything ugly or out of place in your garden.  

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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