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DIY tips to save money–good stuff

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      Hi, love your do it yourself tips, especially the grilling ones.

      Another DIY tip or series for you. Found this when I was searching on how to repair my leaky faucet: Go MacGyver.

      Fix a slow-running toilet. Seal the flush passage with duct tape, wire, and vinegar after emptying the water tank and turning off the water. Fill with vinegar and leave overnight.
      Weatherproof windows. Use strips of duct tape to make windows air tight until you can fix or replace them.
      Make a temporary roof shingle. Wrap strips of duct tape across a ¼ inch thick piece of plywood cut to size.
      Tie off loose wires. Wrap small, thin strips of duct tape around exposed ends.
      Patch holes and tears in duct work, dryer vents, and a torn vacuum hose to temporarily seal leaks.

      They also have articles on using toothpaste, rubber bands and paper clips. Kinda fun stuff and you know, MacGyver.



        These tips are really useful tips for saving money.. Home made things are better than ready made things..

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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