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      Thank you for allowing me to ask my questions!!!!!! I am in excruciating lower back pain!!!! I have tried “ALL” pain pills,(thank god, they don't work I quit taking them, right? Then I would be taking for all the wrong reasons!!!) Oxycodone, morphine, methadone, codeine, alive. I guess you get the pitcher!!!!! I remember…..when I was a kid….33 year's ago = 49. We used something on horses. I always had bad knees, so someone threw me a can of something we also use on horses to rub on my knees. I “thought” it was “RED-CELL”. I pulled up on computer, Horses, and Humans. And, up pops “DMSO”! OMG! It was everything I would hope for. Doctors I'm seeing, aren't trying to fix me, they use a little this and that. No more than numbing agent, just like the dentists office!! ( that way we just keep coming back ) Hospitals and, pain clinics don't make there money off of healthy people. 'SO'. What do you think of “99.9% pure DMSO-DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE” I have been using it for a week 1/2. 4-5 time's a day, and night. I use the clear gel in round white 4-1/2oz container. Please! I so “APOLOGIZE' for going on and, on. I'm so stressed out on my pain issues and, have no one to really hear me, and understand chronic pain!!!!!!!!! Thanking you in advance. CI'CI'


        A better consultation is required, which can benefit your well and make you well soon!!


          DMSO is very dangerous. I would definitely NOT be using it on your self. It is a highly volatile carcinogen and needs to be used with extreme caution on horses, and handled with great care such as protective wear.


            You might consider studying MSM vs. DMSO.  It's the part of DMSO that works and doesn't wear off as quickly as DMSO, plus you don't have the odor of breath and skin.  It's something I have used on our 17-year old cat when she began having a hip problem that made her limp very badly and hang out close to the ground.  After only 5 days on the MSM the limp stopped and she was jumping up stairs again and her usual playful self.

            Having dealt with rheumatoid arthritis myself for 25 years I do understand chronic pain and the overwhelming desire for relief.  You might want to read this article about MSM for horses.  Technically, of course, you can't make any claims for humans with a supplement.

            The quality source and reasonable priced product I use is the Nature's Sunshine brand:

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