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Donating band instruments article

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      My daughters are both memebers of the Marching Tiger Band in Cleburne County Alabama. My oldest is a junior and my youngest a freshman. There Dad and I own our own electrical company, Since the market fell two years ago we have steadily delcined in income and have lost most of our income. Neither of my girls have there own horns. They belong to the school and aren’t in the best of shape. Please consider my girls when your list of needy children and help make thier dreams of OWNING there own horn come true. http://[email protected]


        Friends, We are looking forward to put in place a Brass Band at our school, to be used for teaching music to our children, and to be hired by different communities at functions, to generate income for the school once children master. This would support the needy children in the school who have nobody to pay their fees. Green Pasture Secondary and Vocational school was started in 2001 and now operates six classes – senior one to six with vocational skills training in carpentry and joinery, bricklaying and concrete practice, tailoring and computer, now planning to incorporate music as one of the vocational skills training. This program targets the students in secondary section to take up at least one vocational subject to earn them a skill. These skills would help students qualifying from Green Pasture be more productive in their communities. Green Pasture Secondary & Vocational School is a not-for-profit, institution based in the village of Musoto Village (now named Green Pasture village) near Mbale, Uganda. Its mission is to educate and thereby improve the lives of the region’s neediest youth while also serving as a valuable resource and community center to a fast-growing population.


          Dear Sir/Madam, Am Richard Lubale the Director of Shalom Christian Academy based in Uganda, in Luuka district. We are a primary school from kindergarten to primary 7. We support all children in our school regardless of status. Among the subjects taught in our school we have a skills development program focused at giving these a life skill and one of them is music. One of our vision is to have a brass/orchestra band in our school. But we lack the brass band and orchestra band musical instruments through which we can train the students in our school. We look forward to hear from you. Richard Lubale, Director


            Nice article.


              We don't have any means to donate instruments ourselves.  Nor, do we have any influence over any of these organizations. 

              In looking on the internet it looks like is only serving the state of Connecticut.

              However, a nationwide program is The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation which can be found at

              We hope this helps all of you to find the band instruments necessary for you to start up your own band program.

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