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Dryer Marks

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      I have a dryer that is leaving a light brown mark on the white clothes that are placed in the dryer.  I have looked in the drum to find the problem area and even taken a wet cloth and rubbed in various places, all to no avail.  This is the only reason we will have to get rid of this dryer if we can’t find the problem.

      Does anyone have any ideas?



        Are you sure it isn’t your washer or the water puting the marks on the clothes.  And that the dryer isn’t setting them?  Have you tried a rust remover product like CLR?  

        I would call the dryer manufacturer (if it’s the washer then that manufacturer) or see if they have a web site and ask them.  Also check at a place that repairs equipment or even one that sells dryers.  Good Luck.


          I’ve had a similar problem and discovered that the marks on our clothes come from edges, such as collars, cuffs or bits that get folded up in the machine, getting caught in between the edge of the door and the door.  This means that the bit of cloth is pulled around against the seal and gets stained :o but have found that it can be taken off by scrubbing gently with a bit of soap/detergent and rinsing out thoroughly.  If it’s been on a while it may take more than one wash to shift it but it usually goes.  But I’m not promising anything!

          All the best
          and hope this helps


                       I truly hope that I am wrong and the other replies are right, but;  in my experience of laundry and the drying of laundry the situation you explain sounds to me like the dryer has gotten too hot for the fabric and has actually left little burn marks on the items.
                        Like I said, I hope that I am wrong because the other replies have ways to fix the problem and mine does not.

                         Good Luck sweetie…..


              I had this exact same problem.  Two of the replies so far have been what my problem was.  One, the clothes were getting caught in the crack between the dryer drum and where the front of the dryer connects to it (very small crack).  There was a piece of felt that goes around the drum at the connecting spot that acts like a shock absorber and it was slipping out a bit, creating the crack that my clothes were catching in.  The other part was that my dryer was indeed getting too hot and the brown mark was actually a scorch mark from where the cloth had been stuck in the one spot for an extended period of time, next to the hot metal, and started to burn.  We nursed the dryer for quite a long time, replacing the drum belt as needed, cleaning all lint out of any spot in the vent system, etc.  It finally blew up last year, though, and we had to buy a new one.  My husband is a mechanic and we often have auto chemicals/fluids in his dirty laundry.  That residue is NOT GOOD for your dryer and WILL be a problem after a while.  I am sure this contributed to our problem (we had a particularly messy load prior to the blow up).  If you have similar laundry, make sure it is clean of the fluids, etc. before drying, or line dry it instead.


                We had a similar problem with our dryer.  The real problem was lint accumulation in the back of the dryer.  This caused small lint fires during the drying cycle which would make dark marks on some of the clothing.

                The only solution was to fork over the $100.00 and pay to have the machine taken apart and the lint removed – but it saved us from burning down in the long run!!  :)


                  Had the same problem. Found the felt sealing the front of the drum to the door section had moved exposing the glue to the clothing. Had to take the front panel off, strip off the old felt and glue. Then install a new felt strip with a special adhesive. the machine lasted a couple years after that until finally the motor burnt and it was cheaper to replace the machine, considering its age.

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