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Dye stains…..

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      My daughter recently bought a shirt that is white, with burgundy sleeves. ÝShe hand-washed it in cold water, and hung it to dry (she air-dries all of her shirts to keep them from shrinking). ÝAfter it had dried, we noticed that the burgundy had bled onto the white…not all over the shirt, just where the burgundy sleeves meet the white part of the shirts, at the arms and neck, where the trim on the shirt is also burgundy.

      First, I tried a bleach stick (Clorox), that didn’t work, so I went out and bought the RIT product to remove dye…however, I am afraid to use that as I don’t want to remove the burgundy from the sleeves.

      I also have oxyclean, but have not tried that yet.

      My questions are: Ýhow can I get the burgundy off of the white without damaging the burgundy sleeves? ÝAnd, I’ve heard that soaking clothes in a mixture of salt, vinegar and water will prevent clothes from bleeding. ÝDoes this really work? ÝMy daughter also bought a shirt that is white with dark blue sleeves, and we don’t want it to bleed when we wash it. ÝAlso, I picked up some Shout Color Catcher cloths. ÝHas anyone used those, and do they work?

      Any advice would be really helpful. ÝI would hate to have to replace the burgundy and white shirt, as it was $21.00!

      Thanks in advance!


        I can remember that years ago, when I was just a kid, my
        mother taught me about the salt and vinegar trick to keep
        colors from running, ESPECIALLY RED. When I had a red shirt or shorts the colors ALWAYS RAN unless I did this. Shirts that were made from a cloth from INDIA, called bleeding madras could be stabilized with this same method.

        New blue jeans in the very dark color always ran until they
        had been washed several times. We didn’t use salt on them, just had to be careful to wash dark colors together. Even then, it was common for the pockets and linings to turn blue after washing.

        What’s the SAFEST way to be sure the color doesn’t run?
        Have the item DRY CLEANED. Don’t want to do that?
        Return the item to the store and don’t buy any more like that!   ;D  
                                         Bill R.


          My daughter was told to use Windex on the white or light part.  She says she sprayed the Windex on the sleeves and washed and it came out perfect.
          It really does work for the vinegar (1Cup per Load of new clothes, or less amount if doing 1 or 2 garments in a bowl) to set the color.  My daughter just told me that she did as I suggested to soak the kids’ new clothes in the vinegar and then she washed them with regular clothes and there was no fading or dyeing other items.
          I wish you well and God Bless.


            what is the ratio of the salt and vinegar to water?  This sounds like just what I need but I don’t want to smell like an easter egg?  do you use white vinegar or cider?  Thank you

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