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      We own a mobile home, and when it was set-up years ago, we had to tear down an old barn that was infested with earwigs to move it in.  Every summer since, we have fought earwig infestation.  We had Orkin come out for the first year, then discontinued, thinking we should be done with the problem.  Not so.  We have fought these pests every year since, and do not want to invest in costly exterminating services again.  We’ve tried just about everything from foggers to granules, but nothing gets rid of them permanently.  We’d like to try something natural, but at this point we’re game for anything.  The little creatures actually come into the house, which is something I read that they never do.


        Maybe you could try this tip–Pour cheap flat beer in margarine tubs-bury the tub about 1/3 in the ground then fill the tub with the warm beer-the earwigs (and most crawling insects) come looking for the beer pool, they crawl right in and drown.  Sounds crazy, but it works!  BTW, you don’t have to use margarine tubs, you might try small dixie cups as well.


            Try tuna cans for the beer tip as well.  Good luck I know how insects can infest, we used to get ants but the ants only stayed a few weeks each year and they never came upstairs.  


              Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I tried the beer tip in my mailbox.  It was so infested that I am surprised I was still getting mail.  Anyways, it worked perfectly!  The earwigs just jumped right in and in a week or so, I had no more problems in that area.   ;D

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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