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      My Dad has been trying to find an independent living place that suits him.  He isn't having much luck  I had a brainstorm this morning, and would like to share it for feedback….
      Coop Elder Care

      Here is an idea for providing independent living for Dad and others at a lower cost, with better results.

      In a ranch style facility, get a bunch of able-bodied elderly people together to run their own lives.  They would all have to pay something for mortgage, utilities, insurance, and some personnel.  But they would have choices about how much housekeeping, laundry, and food service they’d pay for.  They could offset some of these by doing it themselves, cleaning their own apartments, helping out in the kitchen or laundry, or having their children come in and do for them.  They would have to work out their own issues, work together to run the place.  So instead of a “sit there and play bingo while someone else does everything for you”, people would have to be active and involved.  And their families could be involved as well.  Instead of a sterile warehouse, it could be a vibrant place.

      I expect that you’d need a cook/housekeeper, and someone with some medical training.  The elders would have to decide if they wanted an administrator or not, what the rules would be, if they wanted to expand later into assisted living/hospice.  And how long they could take care of people, as they became less able.

      You would want to attract people who already have a work ethic that includes getting your hands dirty to get the job done, and pitching in.  Something like Dad.


        When my dad was at a stage of life where he couldn't be left alone, we considered a domiciliary – that's what it was called in Montgomery, AL.  It was a home that had elderly folks who could move about, feed themselves, dress, keep their room, etc.  There was a cook and an administrator/nurse type person. 

        I think keeping them active is a BIG factor of how well they are physically and mentally.  It would be great to have more of these types of places around the country.  I'm sure somebody would have to “administrate” since having so many families trying to come to agreements on expenses, etc. would be quite the challenge.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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