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forclosure on home

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      Has anyone ever had to deal with this ? do we need a lawyer or is there any way to stop this short of winning a lottery ? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.


        Your post is a little confusing in that you don’t state if you are already in foreclosure or are close to entering foreclosure. This makes it difficult to give specific steps that may help.

        Generally, to stop a foreclosure you must pay a certain amount by a certain date. The amount and date are found in the foreclosure notice. If you have not paid your mortgage for a length of time, the amount to be paid will be high.

        If you are able to pay this amount by the due date stated, a release of foreclosure will be filed showing you are out from under the foreclosure.

        Having been a lender who has helped people out of foreclosure (hard to believe a lender would do this, right?), I know there are companies who will look at your situation and may, emphasis on may, give you a new loan.

        Without knowing any more about your situation that is the best I can say at the moment. By the way, I am no longer a lender and do not recommend any companies. You have to do your own research in this regard.

        Good luck and I hope you resolve your situation especially if you want to keep your home.


          thank you for your reply. It’s actually my daughter’s home and it is in foreclosure. Her husband got laid off last year and she just can’t pay everything off of her income. I think they have been able to talk to the company and at least get a figure that it would take to settle this and they can keep the house. It’s a shame, when she tried talking to them earlier they would say if you can’t send the full amount then don’t send anything at all. These places all say call and talk about it but then they’re like no options , and it sometimes depends on who you talk to  from one day to the next.
          Thanks though for at least responding : )


            Oh, man, this is sad. I hope it worked out okay, since this is an old post.  I know someone who went through foreclosure and even though you hear the advice to notify the bank as soon as you can't make a payment and see if they will work with you, a lot of the time they won't.  That is what happened to the people I knew and what I've been hearing.  The banks just wait until you miss about four pmts. and then send a notice you have three weeks to get out.  Imagine the people who really have no place to go.   

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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