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Found two 2-week old kittens

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      Hi everyone, I just joined this forum. I see many of you know how to take care of kittens and other animals!
      I just found two 2-week old kittens(they’re about 4 inches in length, so tiny!) on my driveway. Someone must have abandoned them, poor things. I would like to know any basic things I should be checking for. They are covered in fleas and I have washed them with Dawn dish soap about 3 times in the past 3 days. Any advice on what else I can do for these poor things?

      Thanks!  ;)


        Hi i would sugest you go through there fur with a lice comb.Also you can go to any pet store and fing what is cald bitch milk and give them that in an eye droper make shure you keep them bundeled up. :)


          Sometimes momma cat senses that there is something wrong with kittens, so she abandons them.  Of course, sometimes she gets scared off or injured, so kudos to you if you are willing to take on the task of helping these little ones.  If you don’t have experience with kittens, you might want to check with a local rescue group that might have specific advice to help with their particular stage of development.  Kittens that aren’t weaned are hard to get to nurse with formula from a bottle, as their eyes are still closed and they go by smell to get to mom’s nipple.  Also, without momma cleaning and stimulating them, their eyes may not open on their own, and they can develop infections or go blind.  I can recommend a similar tool to the previous advisor, I’ve used a flea comb with great success–it just takes a lot of patience and repetition.  A shallow cookie pan with some soapy water placed in front of a low light bulb can draw fleas and drown them, just take care to keep the kittens safe from the water.  Fleas can make small kittens anemic in a very short time, but you don’t want to use harsh chemicals on their tender skin.  I’ve even used brands that said they were safe to use on kittens, and could still see that it caused them discomfort.  Best of luck!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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