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Getting Rid of Wood Roaches!

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      Does anyone know of any safe and effective ways to get rid of roaches?  In particular, we live in the woods so I am referring to wood roaches.

      Any ideas are welcome if it doesn't use toxic chemicals or baits.


      Randal, Editor


        Diatomaceous Earth it is natural and beneficial for man and beast. MUST BE FOOD GRADE . Purchase at a local farm supply store. 50# for about $25 bucks.  This is nothing but minerals all of them and it is totally natural. It is the silica that works miracles it kills insects but is harmless to pets and humans.  I take this daily 2 heaping tab. in warm water and add 1/2 tsp. Cayenne Pepper; follow it with a pint of water. Wait 45 minutes to one hour before eating to allow it to work thru your system.  Cayenne natural healer and the minerals contained in the Diatomaceous Earth we all need especially the silica.

        I began taking it for edema (fluid retention) feet and legs swollen. I was faithful daily and in about 4 months I began to notice the swelling in my feet and legs were much LESS.  After being on it for 14 months the problems is gone as are several others!

        GOOGLE  Diatomaceous Earth and you will be glad you do. IT heals the body…

        Good luck and go for it… And it gives energy too.


          Hi Xina,

          Thanks for the suggestion of Diatomaceous Earth.  Glad to know it can be used for humans too.  By the way, what ways to use it to kill the roaches?


            If the roaches are getting into the house the best way to remove them is after dark. Use a vacuum and a red light. You can see them but they can not see you. Just vacuum them up. A shop vac with DE or talc or other powdery substance in the tank works best. Do this weekly until you no longer have roaches. from .


              It may sound silly, but I don't mind the wood roaches in the house.  You never see a bunch of them.  They travel singularly and would love to find their way back out unless it's coming into cold weather.  I treat bugs as I would like to be treated.  I figure you give life, you get life and more of it. 

              I think everybody is grossed out by the name ROACH due to the German variety that appear in the thousands.  That is definitely a scary situation … but the poor little Wood Roach shouldn't be penalized for it. 

              Put them in a jar and let them back outside.  That's what I do.  And I used to have an extreme fear of bugs for over 40 years … until I learned they are amazing creatures.  Not the evil ones … there will be evil and good in any form of life since the Fall in the Garden of Eden … but there is much to be learned about the resilience and nature of bugs.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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