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      bdays and holidays get so costly, what i have always done is buy things on sale and put them in an extra closet or you could put it anywhere under bed in a dresser where ever you have extra space. usually after xmas they have alot of sales but i wait until after the new year usually the stuff doesnt sell that fast cause everyone is broke from xmas ;D, and everything is like 50-70% off and i stock up whether it be toys or makeup doesnt matter if its a good buy ill buy it, maybe i dont have but $20 to spend thats fine every weak ill spend a little and put it up for bdays or anniversary or for next christmas. I have a mountain of stuff in my Barbie room lol thats where i keep my Barbie collection ;) and i also save all the pretty gift bags and matching tissue and use those to put the gifts in, it saves sooooo much money, people dont know how much you paid for the gift and when you need a last minute gift your all ready, I also buy through out the year sale items sometimes Avon has great sales just depends where you do ur shopping. bye kelley from kansas ;)


        Hey Kelly, you smart girl you, I just bought 2 of those rotostyler brushes that sell on tv for major bucks paid 7.00 each gonna be a bd or xmas gift. My gift closet is so full ;D         Hugs dj..


            I also have a gift drawer. I buy things on sale and I also put gifts that have been given to me by others that I can’t use (I am allergic to perfume and can’t use scented candles or soaps). These are the type of gifts that I get from people at work. Just make sure you don’t give it to someone that gave it to you or that will see it. I also belong to a musicclub and will buy Cd’s on sale. I tend to get the same gift for many people that year because I know I won’t give it again. One year it was Roger Whittaker’s Christmas CD-this year it was Amy Grant’s new CD.


            I have finally started appling this tip. :)
            I have two small boys and now have a huge gift bag 1/2 full of items that they want.  They will be for Christmas.  I also started buying birthday gifts for my oldest boys best friend, his birthday is soon.  It is a great relief to know that some of these last minute burdens are already taken care of.



              Besides the after Holiday Sales I go to Thrift Stores regularly. ÝI got 2 NEW knife sets, NEW Bathrobes, New Toys and more for a fraction of the retail cost. ÝI would caution you to check out retail prices prior to buying from a Ý2nd hand store though. ÝI have seen things priced higher than retail stores sell them. ÝThis is usually because the manager (or pricer) hasn’t checked current retail prices or whatever. ÝOther great sources of gifts that are new or like new condition are Yard Sales and auction sites. ÝBe careful to examine the items for repairs or broken parts at Yard Sales and ask the seller at auction sites questions.


                This can work in another way too.

                My neices wanted to collect benie kids a bean filled bear that came out each month or so with different types. they could aford these each month (or whenever) and if you left them too long they sold out. So my sister-in-law used to buy them and then when the girls ahd earnt the $10 for a bear in pocket money etc, they could “buy” one off mum out of the beanie kid cupboard, they also got these for christmas/ birthdays etc and and could use other money the got to buy them as well…

                This seemed to work so well, and the girls LOVED this…

                Just an idea

                Canberra, Australia


                  This is a great idea! I have had one for years. Often, my two daughters will shop in it for gifts that they need at the last minute. If you have to shop for gifts, at the last minute, you will probably spend way too much & buy something that the person really doesnt want! I see this happening every year, at Christmas! Do you see the “crappy” things that people buy, just to give a present? Who really wants that “stuff”, anyway? Shop all year, at a really discounted price, at your own time and leisure. Christmas, birthdays, and other events won’t be such a chore! I think that people often underestimate the value of their own time when they decide to become “frugal”!


                    We began our gift drawers when we decided that not all gifts we received were meant for us.  After all, how many times do you go to somebody’s house and look for the gift you gave them?  It’s great to be able to give a special gift without having the cost.

                    We also did a drawer that we called the Watkins General Store.  It was in our bedroom which was not open to our son for play … but when it was time for him to shop with earned money from chores, we would make a big deal about going to the Watkins General Store.  I would get everything out and line it up on the bed and dresser and play the “store clerk” while our son came to shop with his Dad.

                    It was great fun and being able to buy things that we knew he would really like at a great price, it made his chore money go a much longer way.  Brings back sweet memories for us all now that he’s 27

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