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Gift Ideas Needed

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      I am looking for Christmas gift ideas for my father and step-mother.

      They are both extremely hard to buy for.  Not at all frugal in nature.

      Any suggestions?




        This is a gift idea for the extremely hard to buy for:  go to an antique show or flea market and find a postcard dealer (or shop on the internet) and buy a few postcards from a hometown, somewhere they vacationed, or any place that would be special to the person you are giving them to.  You could also choose any area of interest:  cars, trains, animals, etc.    This works especially well for older people who have plenty of “stuff.” You can find inexpensive vintage and antique postcards of where they grew up.  Pick up an inexpensive postcard frame at a discount store such as Walmart and you have an instant, thoughtful gift.


          If you have kids, what about having the kids create artwork for them.

          This year I am giving my 6 year old 8×10 canvases and letting her have her way with them and my acrylic paint as gifts for the grandparents.  
          But other options are paper and whatever art supplies you have on hand.

          Of course my mother in law’s gift is being supplimented with a T-shirt my husband and his brother bought at the Spam-a-lot musical that says “I’m not dead yet”.  But their mother is kinda odd and will love it.  She did raise the boys on Dr. Demento.


            How about making a donation to a charity in their honor, a charity they like and then tucking the charity receipt or note into a card with a gift certificate for them to go to dinner someplace?


              So many people have everything they need and they really don’t want anything more to clutter up their homes.  Samaritan’s Purse has a wonderful alternative gift catalogue whereby you can purchase something that will help someone in desperate need and then you can wrap a card or box with information explaining that this gift has been given in honor of your loved one.  The gifts range from food – to blankets – to water filters – to live stock – to bicycles, etc.  It’s a wonderful way to get the whole family involved and excited as you search through the options and discuss the possibilities.

              The website link is:  


                you can always give them a pie or a cake.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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