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Hair Rinse for Shiny Hair

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      Hair Rinse For Shiny Hair

      Vinegar and water mixed together makes a great rinse after shampooing.  The vinegar cuts the soap residue and makes the hair shine.


        Apple Cider vinegar brings out the highlights in medium to dark brown hair. :)


          I’ve read that you do the apple cider vinegar & water rinse, THEN wash your hair.  Wouldn’t the smell linger if you did the wash last?


            This makes my hair feel GREAT.

            Take about 1/2 cup of baking soda and ad just enough water to make a paste. Massage this into your scalp and throughout your hair (this will be messy, so do it in the shower) I usually rub it in for about 3 minutes and then rinse out. It rinses out very easily and there’s no icky smell.

            The first time I did this I couldn’t believe how clean and shiny my hair was. Now I do it about once a month so as not to strip the oils the hair needs.

            As far as vinegar goes, that’s ok too, but I really don’t advise using vinegar on your hair every day. Vinegar is an acid and it removes oil your hair needs to keep it healthy looking.


              Yes, I agree, a vinegar wash is really only a good idea for normal to oily hair, or if you use a ton of hair products.  I have constantly dry hair because I take lithium, and it really did no good for my hair or scalp.  
              I’m experimenting with occasionally just rubbing some massage oil or sweet almond oil into my hair and scalp and leaving it there while I lie in the bath.  The first time, when I used some really dated massage oil, it worked great, but then I used some high-quality almond oil and did not have good results.. . weird.

              Also, is there a natural skin care practitioner out there who can tell me about the safety of using baking soda or epsom salts (mixed with sea salt) as a facial scrub?  My dad said epsom salts are really ‘caustic,’ and you have to be careful about using them.  And he was talking about just a foot soak at the time, not even using them on my face.  

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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