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Hanging pictures in a corner

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      I need to know if anyone knows a way to hang a picture frame (caddy corner) picture will go across the corner.. i had to situate my television this way because of the placement of the couch in my family room and trying to hang a picture collage above the television…any suggestions… ive seen it done once but not sure how the lady hung the frame


        What about using fishing line?  That thin plastic stuff that is clear so you could attach it to the top corners and then tack it up with some kind of decorate tack or I've used heavy-duty straight pins to hang pictures so you can't see the “nail” at all.


          Hi, you can hang big pictures first. Big pictures, especially ones you're especially proud of, deserve a prominent position in the room. Hang them at eye-level or higher on a wall where they'll be noticed. Give them priority positioning – a great picture can double as a room's centerpiece. Don't put them too close to any of the room's corners – you'll inadvertently give your art a “squished in” look. A foot or two of room should suffice. check out this link to find more wall hanging decoration ideas.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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