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Hanging Pictures on Concrete Walls

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      Any tips for hanging pictures on walls that are concrete block-based? I live in a very old cottage, and the outer walls, which are concrete, bend any nail that’s longer than 1/2 inch.

      It’s been suggested that I use a drill with a masonry bit to drill holes in the walls, and then use concrete screws to hang the pictures (all of which are too heavy for adhesive hangers). However, I’ve never used a drill before, and I’m afraid of what it will do to the paint layer on the walls.

      Any ideas?



        What is your ceiling made of?  You might trying hanging eye hooks in the ceiling and suspending the pictures from there.  If they are heavy this might work out best, then no holes in the walls.


          Have you tried the Scotch hooks that have sticky stuff on the back? I get them in the hardware section at Wal-mart. They work pretty good on my panaling – I can never seem to find a stud to put a nail in, so I use these. Also I buy the sticky mounting squares for posters/papers. They work good too.


            I see what you mean on the drilling part.  Found this How To online:

            I’d be nervous about that too.

            This site here recommends a hardwall hook and has details on doing it but it also includes drilling.  Guess you’re not going to get away from that part?




              I’m in England and it’s common in older homes here to have a wooden picture rail (not just the decorative plaster moulding type)

              Generally to install picture rails around your walls you will need to drill, but when we replaced the one in our front room we used a fab product called No More Nails – i have no idea if you guys have it over there but it’s basically just a high strength adhesive.

              The good thing about picture rails is that once they’re up, you can hang your pictures off it with hooks and chains/cords (depending how high up or down you want them)and can remove/replace/re-arrange them whenever you like!

              Much time and effort saved and no more holes in the walls!

              Good luck!


                As mentioned in a previous post, the ceiling is one option. I’ve used a thick test clear fishline to hang pictures from the ceiling and this works wonderfully because you can’t see it. Or I’ve seen in magazines what looks like a beautiful piece of ribbon attached to either side of the top of the picture, which goes up to ceiling (like a triangle) with a nice bow at the top (grosgrain or moiré ribbon is usually used, not the shinny kind) I’m sure that under the ribbon must be a heavy duty nylon twine or something. They also make brass picture hangers that you can use to hang pictures over mirrors or down from the ceiling with: They basically look like the ribbon idea, except they are made of brass, or a nice looking metal. You may have to install a wooden molding around the top of your room to use these techniques If your ceiling is made of the wrong material.


                  I have hung pictures from a brick fireplace, before. Yes, it is a good idea to use a drill & to use cement screws, because these can easily be removed. Also, I would drill into the mortar between the blocks or the bricks. Then, it is a very easy fix to fill the holes with some mixed cement! I wanted to hang a picture above a fireplace & this did the trick. You also could use a cement nail & nail it into the mortar, but get a very strong friend to do this for you! ha ha. One of the down sides of doing this is that it can’t be easily removed; without doing damage to the bricks or the blocks. Dont be afraid of a drill. Really, they are one of the easiest tools to use. Good luck!

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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