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Help! Cat not using litter box

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      I’ve read a lot of these topics, but my scenario is a little different and could really use some advice.  Our 8 yr old cat won’t poop anywhere near his box.  He’ll urinate in it, but won’t poop in it.  

      Nothing has changed in our house. No new pets, no kids, no change in the litter we use – everything has been the same since the day we got him 8 years ago. Nothing medical either, we had him checked out thoroughly.

      Why won’t he poop in his box now? He’ll poop everywhere but. I’m so tired of having to watch where I walk and finding little treasures hidden a week down the road. UGHH!

      Any help you can give is GREATLY appreciated!!



        Okay this may sound like a ‘duh’ one, but does the cat defecate and/or urinate in a particular area? You might want to try changing where the litter box is. There was a cat growing up that when he got older did the same thing and all my Dad did after that was move the litter box.


          Hi there,

          You may also want to try adding a second litter box.  I’ve had many cats over the years and some of them prefer to “separate” their business.  

          Good luck!


            I worked at an animal hospital that dealt strictly with cats, and this is a common problem. I am glad you had your cat checked out by the vet. That is the first step.

            The second step is to realize that even though you perceive that nothing has changed, your cat has! Something might of scared him while he was in the litter box and now he has bad associations with pooping there. The first thing to do is add a few more litter boxes around the house, especially if there is a particular place he likes to poop. The next thing to consider is to put different litter in some of the new boxes. He may find one he likes better.

            Also, if your box is covered, you should try taking the lid off. We saw lots of problems solved when the covers were removed.

            Next, is to give him some time to decide if there is a box he likes better. If he poops in one and pees in the other, then keep them both. Something has upset him about the fist box.

            And then, if there is no change, I would take him back to the vet for another opinion. Your problem is most likely behavioral, but you never know.

            Good luck, and have patience. I know its incredibly frustrating to have a pet pooping all over the house. (I have found Simple Solution to be the best pet stain/odor remover)

            Have patience!


              Here's a post about a girl that does great with behavior issues:

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