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home break-in’s

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      I recently had alarm security system put in my house had 1″ bolts put on the doors. Had a carpenter come and put secure hinges on the outside french doors along with dead bolts. I have new windows with good locks, yet they are still breaking into my home and I don't know how???They are destroying all my furniture with screw drivers, gouging my furniture and staining my couches chairs…everything is getting runined. How do I find out how they are getting in so I can keep them out.


        Hi Patricia,

        Sure sorry to hear this is happening to you. 

        After reading your post, it makes me think someone has a key if you or the police don't see any sign of breaking in.

        Make sure you have called the police they should be able to give you some suggestions.


          That is horrible. What did the police say?


            Yoy should check with Radio shack or Best Buy and see if they have any digital wireless cameras that could hook up to a recorder. A motion sensitive device should acttivate the recorder.

            Good luck.
            George 815

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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