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How can I get rid of crickets?

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      I am a nature-type person, and I don’t mind the occassional cricket here and there. But right now, they are drving me nuts! My house has a crawl space under, and we are LOADED- I’m serious- they are sooo loud, they are not letting us sleep! My husband even thought it was the noise of the air conditioning unit or something that wasn’t working right! There are hundreds of them! we have an entire nation of crickets under our house! The only information I could find on getting rid of them, was using something called
      Diatomaceous earth  but I have no idea what they are or where to find them. I can’t afford a pest control company, plus. specially having the crawl space under the entire house, including the kids’ rooms, I rather use something natural-
      Any suggestions?  ??? Thanks!


          Since crickets are a hard-shell insect much like roaches i would think that boric acid may be the solution to your problem. Check out this site for more information :

          As far as where you can you can buy diatomaceous earth, you can do a google search, just type in :
        “buy diatomaceous earth”

        PS : Boric acis might work well for other insects as well.


          DE is available at any feed store & most garden centers.
          Do not buy swimming pool DE. It is a natural product safe for user & pets, not recommended to breath in the dust.


            My DH is the maintenence supervisor at our local Public School.  Unfortunatly we also have a huge cricket population explosion (millions) about every 3d or 4th year. In the past, the school would spray, and the students would be treated to the fumes and the scent of rotting crickets until the first good frost. (Trust me, in those high numbers, even live crickets DO have a scent)
            New Texas regs require him to always use the least leathal solutions before resorting to pesticides.  Through trial and error he’s discovered that if he sprays eucalyptus oil in the areas he wants them to vacate, they move away.  He used it around the foundation and doorways and has cut the cricket problem drastically.  He cuts the essential oil with a light (and cheap) carrier oil and uses a garden hand sprayer to apply the mix.  When the scent fades, he reapplies. If you want more details, I’ll be happy to ask him specifics.
            Good Luck
            Maven ;)


              I purchased a 50 lb. bag of diatomaceous earth several years ago at a local feed store for just over $21. It is especially suited for hard-shell pests. Just be sure it is formulated for general use and NOT for swimming pools. Do an Internet search to get info on DE, but call your local feed stores for the best prices and immediate access for using to get rid of the crickets. DE is very safe to use around animals–just be sure to cover your mouth and nose with a paper dust mask when applying the material.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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