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How Do You Get Rid of Urine Smell in Bathroom?

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      Does anyone know of other ways to get rid of the urine smell other than peroxide or expensive cleaners?


        Commence with a Thorough Cleaning

        If the floor isn't thoroughly thoroughly clean, no amount of commercial products will get rid of the smell of urine using a bathroom floor. More than likely footprints of urine have seeped in to the wood beneath linoleum as well as into grout between tiles, and just wiping the surface seriously isn't enough. I used to work in a daycare heart, and when I started my job, the boy's bathroom had an overpowering smell of urine. Simply mopping the floor didn't get rid of the smell.

        To get reduce a urine smell using a bathroom floor, begin by thoroughly cleaning your entire floor with vinegar along with water. Add approximately ½ pot of white vinegar for every gallon of warm mineral water, and allow it to saturate a floor for several seconds just before wiping it away. Vinegar is usually a natural odor remover, and yes it does a fantastic job of cleaning and removing stains and unpleasant odours.

        Air Freshener Isn't the result

        Many people turn to air fresheners so as to get rid of the particular smell of urine using a bathroom floor, but air freshener isn't the result. Sure, it will freshen the environment, but if the bathroom has the aroma of urine, after spaying air freshener it'll smell like urine along with whatever scent you've included in the air. There's nothing that can match the smell of pumpkin spice and urine, and feel me, it won't make any difference, and it definitely won't get rid of the smell.

        Pet Odor Merchandise

        After thoroughly cleaning the restroom floor and the potty with white vinegar along with water, follow up with a quality pet odor removing product. Nature's Miracle is a wonderful product, and it's all natural. I highly recommend Nature's Miracle to reduce pet stains and odours, and anything that can get rid of the smell of cat urine will definitely eliminate the smell of human urine using a bathroom floor. Follow product or service label instructions for greatest results, and keep Nature's Miracle accessible for all carpet along with flooring stains and odours. It really works, and it are available in most pet stores, lower price stores that sell merchandise, and online.


          bleach and clorox wipes always work for me. perhaps do a search on the internet. good luck. perhaps line the floor with plastic.



            I'm wondering if you still searching for an answer but any way you can try a basic vinegar solution, fill a small spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray the affected area and then work in with a scrub brush. Let stand. Once the solution has penetrated the affected area, go over with a steam cleaner or wet vac.

            Never start with vinegar. Vinegar, although effective as a cleaner, will “set” the stain like it sets the color of dyes on Easter eggs Try vinegar after exhausting other options, and especially if you're only trying to neutralize smell, not stains.

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