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how to reduce tomatoes for sauce

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      With so many tomatoes coming in our gardens, thought I would share a secret.
      I think I could make money on this idea.   all rights belong to me……….giggle.

      I clean and quarter each tomato.  I keep filling the blender and blend on hi for
      twenty seconds.  Then pour into a  tall see through container.
      Cover and place in refrigerator overnight.
      In the morning you will see the crushed tomatoes have risen to the top and the
      water  on the bottom.  Use a turkey baster to suck all the water out.  Now
      you have tomato concentrate that does not have to be boiled down all day to
      reduce.  I boil the tomato concentrate, cool and place in freezer containers.
      This is such a rich base for spaghetti sauce, chili etc. in the winter months.

      I hope I receive some feed back on this great idea……it saves so much cooking


        Do you refrigerate it?  Wondering if the juice you drain off can be used as part of a stock in veggie soups and stuff like that?


          I don't see why not.  I think that is a great idea.  It would contain all the nutrients from the tomatoe, have more flavour than water & eliminate need to add tomatoes to the soup.  I may even use it to steam veggies or perhaps poach fish.


            Do you refrigerate it?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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