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How to remove old wallpaper

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      I am trying to remove wall paper and the paint below the paper is coming ovv what do I do


        do you have to remove wallpaper glue before you mudd the walls


          Wal WIk has been very good removing old wallpaper on plaster walls


            There is no easy way…you have to have patience and time.


              for stubborn paper….use 80 grit sand paper and take off the first layer of paper leaving the paper backing. Then soad with hot water and wait 10 min. Using a putty knife scrap off remaining paper. Works like a charm!


                You must first use a wallpaper tool to score the vinyl. This is available at Walmart and home improvement or paint stores. It is simply held in one hand and run over the top of the wallpaper you want to remove. Don’t press too hard, just let the tool do the the work. It resembles a half of an orange shape and it red. Tiger wallpaper removal tool. About $10. After the paper is scored with hundreds of holes, use either a wallpaper steamer (the easiest way and so worth the money) to seperate the vinyl from the paper backing. Peel all that off first and then simply go back and wet the paper on the wall with water. I use my garden hose end sprayer and that works fast. DON’T use downy. Downy is a pertroleum product that will leave a greasy residue. This will inferfere with your painting later on. Use a good cleaner to remove the left over glue on the walls and plenty of HOT water and lots of elbow grease. If the walls were not sized before paper went up, you will have much spackling to do. Be sure not to hold the wallpaper steamer on the walls to long, as it will blister the paint underneath. Just long enough to seperate the vinyl from the paper backing. GOOD LUCK!


                  Follow the scoring methods as outlined in other posts. Use sheets of regular cotton fabric and wet in bucket of water or wall paper remover. Use garden sprayer to keep fabric moist. This technique keeps more water on the paper and is much less messy. In 30 – 40 min you should be able to peel wallpaper off in sheets.


                    All walpaper shouldc have been sized before the actual paper was put on, and I am lucky to have had someone who did that for me, as now I am taking down that wallpaper. I shal score it with the proper tool, then rip off waht I can, as so much can be torn off, but the underside has to then be dealt with, by either usinf vinegar and water, fabric sotener and water, sponged on-has to be warm or hot- then scrape off the wall, being sure not to gauge the drywall itself.


                      An experienced painter, giving an estimate for painting our house both with and without removing the paper, told me that if we wanted to do that part ourselves, just peel off the top layer (which came off easily with ours) then spray or sponge on “the hottest water you can stand” and work the bottom layer off with scrapers, then wash the wall well. Using heavy rubber gloves greatly increases the temperature of “the hottest water you can stand” and thus the effectiveness of the technique. No scoring, no solutions, just hot water. It works. I let it soak in a while, 10 to 15 minutes per area (being an old woman, I did about a 4′ x 4′ at a time and let my son do anything requiring a ladder), then used the plastic putty knives to work it off. Some areas were tough even with this, but 95% just took a little effort, nothing too daunting even for hands beginning to feel the aches of arthritis.


                        i have old wallpaper to take down, but do not want to put up walpaper again. what do i need to do to prep old plaster walls for paint?


                          scour the section you want to remove, use a high quality spray bottle and hot water. Let stand for ten minutes and start at a corner. The top layer will come off in strips. Then respray whats left and it will scrap away when it is wet. Just a tedious process but just needs to be done in sections a little bit each day. Or! have a wallpaper party with friends and if they each take a wall you will be done in no time. Then buy them pizza, beer, or tacos. However, don’t buy the beer first of the job may never get started! LOL


                            Nice article


                              you better go for the professional help to do job properly….

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