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Hybrid Cars

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      Allan T requested some info about hybrid cars.
      I have a 2002 Toyota Prius and have had it a year now.

      All in all I like the car.  It is reliable and fuel efficient.  I do alot of open road driving currently which only nets me an average of 46 mpg.  When I commute to and into the city, I get close to 52 mpg.  It is the opposite of a regular car with regards to highway and city driving mileage ratings.
      It is roomy enough for my family of four, but we usually take my wifes larger car for family runs.  Driving with two people is perfect.  It is also functional and has a useful trunk.  You sit a bit higher than Camry’s or Avalon’s and the sight picture is very good because of large windows.
      It take a bit of getting use to with the instrument panel in the center of the dash…but no biggee.  My car has the GPS navigational system in it….love it.  This car will be the main car for my teenage daughter who will get her license in a month.
      Haven’t brought it in for service yet…except for oil changes.  
      It is fun to drive, turns on a dime, and I got a $2000 tax write off this year.  yea me!

      It has a four cylinder engine to accompany the electric motor…although it is underpowered.  Meaning that you wont win drag races but you should have no problem with normal driving.
      The car is so light that high winds and semi’s do have an impact on driving a little more than a normal weighted car.  

      Any more questions, contact me.



        Thanks for sharing your exprience Jeff. Our transplus service has been using them, adding to their fleet. Naturally being used for public transportation they see a lot of use. I didn’t think they’d still be continuing to add new ones, planning to purchase even more if they weren’t satisfied with the preformance they were getting. I agree with you that when you’re in the vehicle you’re going to notice semi trucks rolling by for sure. But no worse nor more I don’t think than many other small cars I’ve ridden in. The thing that gets me about the hybrids -with all that heavy battery going on you’d think it would hunker down in high winds more? Also I’m wondering what do you do if you ever for any reason break down and have to get your vehicle off to the side of the road and out of traffic. Does the battery make it heavy to push? One more thing if you have time/care to comment – how long before the battery needs replacing and to the tune of what cost? Also for the gentleman who is considering purchase if you like I could get you the number/adress of our transplus company. Maybe you could call or write them to see if they’d be willing to discuss with you what kind of performance they’ve been getting out of the vehicles they have. What issues bugs might have come up. What their impression take on the Toyota hybrid is. I don’t know if they’d be willing but couldn’t hurt to ask. Just a thought, Rhonda

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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