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Inexpensive Wedding Gifts ($10.00 – $15.00)

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      Q.  I need some ideas for gifts around $10-15 each for participants in
      weddings.  Any useful web sites or other info would be appreciated.  
      Something awesome and unusual would be great.  Mary


           I have had alot of weddings to attend in the past year.  I bought crystal pictures frames, Nice big ones 8×10 that were on sale in Dept stores for about 12.99 each.  This time of year they are getting rid of the over stock from Christmas, so it would be a good time to shop for them.  Every Bride loved her special frame for her wedding picture ;D ;D


          Walmart has nice crystal deviled egg trays and stuff like that for a really reasonable price.  I got one a couple of weeks ago for $5.  That’s one thing that I’ve never seen given as a gift.  It’s not only unique, it’s useful.  HTH



            Well, this is probably easier in the warmer weather, but in keeping with giving baskets as wedding gifts….last year I found a beautiful basket with wine decanters on the back for $1.00 at a yard sale.  I bought 2 yds of material at Wal-mart for $4.00 and made napkins and a liner.  I had material left over.  Then I filled the basket with crackers, pre-packaged cheese and meats, sparkling cider, and finally topped it off with a bag of hugs and a bag of kisses.

            Even though the basket was a little rough, I fixed it up, cleaned it up, and sprayed it with a semi gloss finish I already had.  I probably spent about $18, so I’m over, but the gift couldn’t be mroe appreciated.


              I have bought brand new items at Yard Sales.  Once I found a pretty crystal bowl but it had no box.  I put some useful items like gravy mix and spices inside.  I wrapped them individually in tissue paper.  You could then wrap the bowl in tissue paper.  I covered it first with plastic wrap to keep everything inside.   Basically the same idea as a gift basket but I used the bowl (or you could use a covered box).   I have gotten knife sets for under $10.00.  One other place I have found new items is different Thrift Stores in my area.  Good Will, Salvation Army and others will be listed in the telephone book.  I look in the business section for new stores.  You could also buy quality towel sets (bathroom or kitchen) that match their color skem.  I have also gotten 2 or more wine glasses and given them champagne or sparkling cider for their use after the wedding.  You can find a set of 2 usually at Thrift Stores or Yard Sales that are very inexpensive.  I have gotten glass sets for normal drinking glasses for under $10.00 and baking dishes as well that people will use for years to come.    


                if you are creative you can make a shadow box featuring their wedding invitation or a  wooden plaque that you paint- shellac on the invitation  and then   get creative with some  border word around the edges of the  invitation.

                another neat idea  and very frugal idea is  to find out what their song is they will be dancing to-  and  find the lyrics  on the net –  type them up nice way in a  nice  font and  print it out along with their names and date of their wedding and  frame  depending on thier tastes you can use an assortmant of different  styles of paper to print it out on.

                or can even just frame the sheet music,  maybe “age” it  first in some tea,if its  not too  long  a song and
                has maybe just 2 pages  of music .

                if not creative hit the clearance areas  at   the bigger name usually $$  sept stores   they often have stuff that is 75% off  plus you can sometimes use a  coupon to further your savings .


                  ohh i misread  your post – you wanted something for the attendents in the wedding

                  well  mens nice wallets can still be found at low clearance prices left over from Cmas  or even probably money clips etc other generic things  that  would have been stocked for Cmas but now on sale cheaper  as they try to get rid of some of the stock.
                  maybe even  hit thrift stores looking for a set of steins  that  could be given out ( this works well if the groom to be   guy attendents were  the type to hang out and drink some beers together )

                  for females maybe some CZ costume jewlery earrings or sets etc for wearing  at the wedding also  probbaly many on sale  leftover from Cmas stock –  

                  or maybe a charm  for a charm bracelet that  has something to do with the day  or something  you  like and all share a  fondness of from your single days as friends – say a champagne glass or  a  beach chair etc .

                  if your  wedding is say at a beach then a shell  charm  or something that goes with any theme in  your wedding .

                  i dont know if you have a boscov’s dept store near you  but alot of that  type of stuff can be found for 50% off or more  there .

                  also those initialed pocketbooks etc are a big fashion thing right now as the new spring stock comes in you make be able to get the winter ones  on a discounts and get them a small wallet – or make-up bag that has  their initial on them.

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