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Litter box issue!

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      I have an older cat name Mike, he is roughly 12 years old. We've had him for about a year, in the last month we got a new kitten for him to have as a friend (first week was rough, but they are becoming fast friends). Once the cats got along we moved the kittens litter box to the back room in the same area as his. Mike has a large storage tub turned into a cat box for him, he's had it all his life, he hops in and does his thing. Recently though he has been very curious (rightfully so) about the other litter box, he seems to climb in to do his business but doesnt seem to turn around, thus peeing right out the door, eliminating the purpose of the box. Is this a territorial thing? If it was i would think he would do it in other places around the house. Maybe he is getting old and tired of jumping into a box to do his business? If thats the case how do i get him to turn around?

      When the cat boxes were in different room he still wanted to go into the box, but the few times that happened he seemed to at least poop at the back of the box, maybe its habit from his tub.

      I'm not sure what to do exactly, The kitten still uses it, and i dont mind both cats using each others on occasion, but would prefer he use his tub so he doesnt spray pee all over our stuff, or alternatively do something for him that will help him use the newer box better….Any suggestions?

      I love both my kitties, i just want them to be happy (and our stuff pee free). We have several cat pheromone diffusers throughout the house, got them before the kitten arrived to avoid the spraying nightmares we heard about.


        It sounds like your big cat is too big for the little litter box. Let them both use the big one and just clean it out every morning and evening also.

        Just sounds like the big cat is used to all the space in his litter box and isn't doing this on purpose.

        Just think of it this way if your toilet was undersized you might go elsewhere also!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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