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Litter box problems with older cat

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      these are awesome ideas and will definitely try them for my older cat Missy


        We need to get the 2nd litter box out and keep it in the bathroom


          My 13 yr old cat is peeing on the edge of the cat box, and it wets the outside of the box. I have changed the litter to the pellets, and Im thinking that maybe she doesn’t like them. I just bought a new box, just like the one I had before, and the entrance is wide, but low.and I never had a problem before. Maybe I should change the littler to a soft wheat, I don’t want to use the clay, I want something more natural. Help……..


            Our 15 year old cat has arthritis and does not always make it all the way inside the box and ends up peeing outside of the box. I started putting puppy training pads at the entrance of the box. Makes cleanup so much easier.


              I have a 17 yo persian who is having arthritis in his hips and it hurts him to step into the box. so i got a plastic puppy training “tray” and sprinkled some cat attract litter in it, about an inch…and hopefully, he wont be tempted to pee on the rugs and go there instead. he doesnt have to climb. i just did that today…no results to report yet. wish me luck :)


                Nice article


                  My male cat “Cosmo” is 15. He has been urinating all over the house for several months now. It's taken this long to detect it because we thought our other cat was to blame, but we caught Cosmo red-pawed. He is actually spraying rather than just peeing–evidence of this is that he always pees against doors or walls. He still uses the litter as well as the carpet. Litter is clumping, unscented, uncovered and in two boxes.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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