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Mango Plant

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      I live in Norwalk , Connecticut.. I managed to grow a Mango Plant. It is now about 7 months old and about 6 inches high. I have been trying to keep the soil its in (the pot) moist and water it once every 6 days. But I have no idea why a couple of the leaves start to dry up. Is it possible that I may be giving it too much water. Also, I keep this potted plant in my back porch which is also warm like the rest of the house. I am told that this area of the north east of CT is too cold to grow mangoes outside. As this plant grows I intend to transfer it into a larger pot and keep it inside.

      I like to hear your thoughts. Thank you…


        There are so many types of mangos so who knows if they grow one that will work in CT.  Cultivars are absolutely incredible these days.  A website that has a lot of gardening info and forums too for your area is

        Searching there in your area may help you find somebody else that has tried it or has such a plant.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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