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Melted Plastics Inside Oven!

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      HELP! I preheated my oven to bake dinner one night,without looking in it first.There were dishes in it.Pots would’ve been fine-but these were PLASTIC BOWLS. :o (They were ‘hidden’ in a hurry and forgotten about!)After putting out the obvious fire that occurred, I had to let the oven cool a long while.Since cooled plastic hardens…here I am for help! :-[  The melted plastic got on the wire rack, oven base,and part of the heating element below.I can’t bake again until I can get it ALL out,or it will smoke the room.The oven isn’t self cleaning;it’s older but good enough to still use.We’re tired of eating out!My husband and I are stumped.Is there a man/woman out there with an answer?We hope so!Thanks for helping!



        I’m not positive it would work, but could you try putting ice on the plastic to harden it (if it’s even the slightest bit soft) and then take an exacto knife and peel up the edge and then try to pull it off?

        I’ve never experienced this, but it might be worth a try.

        Hope you can get it cleaned!


          If it were me, I would remove all items able to be taken out–you should be able to remove the element, too.

          If you have a deep freezer, I would put the racks inside there, and let the plastic REALLY harden.  Then take a non-sharp edged tool, like a spatula or pancake turner, and scrap the dickens out of the racks.  Get as much off as you can.  Then, pour boiling water on them–from the stove.

          This may feel like alot of shuffling, but it will save you a ton of cash in the long run…

          Is there a ‘puddle’ of plastic on the floor of the oven?  Make yourself an ice pack from zip bags–chip away at it, and then use the hot water trick–off and on.  It may take a few tries…

          As for the element.  If it were me, I would play it safe and purchase a new one.  They are not that costly and usually just plug in and out.  You will feel VERY EMPOWERED.  Now.  I would STILL PRE-HEAT AND PRE-COOL the oven a few times with the windows open and fans blowing… just to be safe.  Your lungs are your ‘center’.

          And for the True Issue.  Next time, just plug the sink, fill it with soapy water and toss the dishes in.  No one will fault you!  

          Barb G
          Clean Slate Professional Organizing
          Western Wa State.  

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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