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Mold under kitchen sink

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      I have a terrible problem with mold under my kitchen sink. That side of my house never gets sun so it is very damp under there. I am afraid if I clean with bleach and water the mold will just come back because of the dampness. Any suggestions?

      Lynda Hall


        First, I’d check for leaks or sweating pipes.  The dampness is coming from somewhere and it’s not whether the kitchen is on the sunny side of the house or not.  If there are no obvious leaks or sweating pipes, go ahead and clean with the bleach to remove any existing mould and then try a product called Bio Absorbant.  It’s an absorbent in a small plastic container.  Simply remove the lid and place it under your sink. It offers a refreshing smell while absorbing excess dampness.  Wal-Mart should have it in with their other cleaning/air freshener products.  Good luck.


          Do the cleanup thing–you know, bleach and all that stuff.  Then set a fan in front of it until you’re positive it’s completely dry.  Remove the doors and make a nice curtain to put under there.  Use a snap-in rod or whatever you like, but make sure the fabric is light and airy.  We had this problem years ago in a student apartment, and this worked well for us.  

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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