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Moles in the yard

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      Hello, Well this may not be what you had in mind, but the best solution that I have ever found is healthy young cat. The yard will look worse for a while but after about a season the moles that live through it have moved elsewhere. In addition cats are nontoxic (if you don’t have allergies) and have numerous health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure. Seriously, it has been documented. Goodluck, Celia


        I have had moles all summer and i put out trap, and poison peanuts. and i sill got those little dovels. now it is fall and they are still here, and my yard look so bad and just makes me sick.


          my friend is having trouble with moles in her yard. We have looked online for advice. Nothing has worked. I was reading, and saw Scott Js answer. I was wondering what caster beans were?


            1 -1/2 tbls Tobasco sauce 1 tbls chilli powder 1 tbls of liquid dish soap mix with 1 quart of water and pour into tunnel in random spots


              I read the comment about using a cat to catch the mole, but ask any vet and they’ll tell you moles will sicken and poison cats. The cats can die from ingesting them. The castor bean sounds like a good idea. Same with the tobasco sauce. There are also plant that keeps them away. Just google for that for the various types. But I really wanted to mention that cats do get very sick from eating moles and arent the solution at all. If you love your cat, find a way to get the moles out of your yard.


                March 18 2011 The snow has melted & my front lawn is covered with tunnels from the pesky moles. Will they come back once I repair the damage or is this a one time thing. There is still frost in the ground so it will be a month before I can do any yard work.


                  I was wondering if I put mothballs into the mole tunnels, will it kill my grass ?


                    I’ve had really good luck with the bait and applicator I found at


                      I have found by placing used cat litter down a few of the holes that moles will be gone in a day or two. Apparently they can’t stand the smell!


                        There was a garden center near us and the owner recommended applying milky spores to the yard, it kills the grubs the moles are after. He said it could take a year or two for them to multiply and do the trick. Also he said to take Wrigley’s gum (green wrapper) put on a surgical glove, (moles hate human scent). Put an unwrapped stick down in the mole run. They really have a taste for the gum and when they eat it they can not digest it and die. I have no idea if either suggestion works.


                          Moles do not I repeat do not eat spearment gum. They do not like the smell of spearment, garlic and other items.


                            I put moth balls into their tunnels & the next morning they had tossed them back out. It looked like nickel sized hale all over my yard.


                              I have found that urine is a great deturent. Pet or human, they don’t like the smell. So we mark our yard & apply more when we start to see new holes.


                                What are some other ways you have found successful in getting rid of moles?

                              Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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