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My cat is peeing outside the litter box  HELP

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      Please Help!!

      Recently my 5 yr old female cat has starting peeing outside of her litterbox.  My parents and I think its because of the dogs.  They eat in the same room where her litterbox is.  She could just be marking her territory.  However, this is just a recent problem and my cat has always grown up with these dogs.  Her litterbox was always in the same room.  Nothing has changed, except one of the dogs.  I need help figuring out how to stop my cat from marking her territory as well as getting rid of the smell or else I will have to get rid of my cat.  So please help!!!!!


        Because she doesn’t have a history of “missing” before, most likely what has happened is that she was startled when using it, possibly by one of the dogs bounding in for a drink or a snack. You may want to consider moving the box (gradually) to a new location, or getting her a cover for it, so she has some privacy. If you think it’s more marking behavior, there is a great product on the market called Feliway, that once the area she has been peeing in is cleaned up, you spray this stuff and it makes her not feel the need to mark it anymore. Also, you may want to have her checked by your vet, because urinary tract infections and a number of other medical problems can also cause this behavior. Hope this helps. Good luck!
        P.S. You may want to call your local Humane Society for options as well, I was on staff at the local shelter for two years, and there were all sorts of remedies that pertain to particular situations. Shelter staff are also willing to try to help you find any solution other than relinquishing her, so check it out, it’s a great resource.


          One more thing, if she always has her accidents on the same type of material, carpet, tile, whatever, you can try taking a scrap piece of it, and putting it in the litter box. You start with just the carpet square, and gradually (over the course of a few weeks) slowly add more litter on top of it. Eventually you will be able to remove the carpet entirely and she will be back to using the box like the good kitty she has always been. I know it sounds a little unconventional, but it worked for my cat, and it’s worked for a number of our clients as well.


            I have a 10year old male cat who has just recently started urinating in one room of our house, not neccesarily the same spot but it is the same room.  I have steam cleaned, shampooed and put all kinds of sprays down that I found at the pet store and the smell won’t come out.  I have a vet appt for my cat to see if it is a medical reason.  I just can’t think of any reason he would start doing this.  There have been no big changes in our house or lifestyle.  We are only renting this house, so we can’t remove the carpet ourselves, only thing I can do is to continue to use my steam cleaner and hope that sometime the smell will come out.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
            ALSO, I did want to comment on your situation, first you should see a Vet to see if there is a medical reason for this change, to rule that out at least.  Best of luck to you.  We have also considered, as a very last resort, getting rid of our cat, but we really really do NOT want to do that, we just dont’ know what else to do at this point.


              I would reconsider it being the “new” dog.  Although your cat grew up with the other dogs, and their smells are part of who she is and what she’s familiar with and has a history of no need to mark territory with them ….. that is not the case for a new animal added to “their” territory.

              I can’t imagine it’s all that cool or possibly sanitary for the dogs to be eating near a litter box.  

              It certainly doesn’t cost anything to “remove” the dogs to another feeding area to see if the cat reacts differently.

              As to getting the smell out of carpets.  We’ve had great success with Pet Force.  It’s had a long history of good experiences and the cost is so totally cheap!  Here’s a site:



                Here are some helpful URLs… for many cat questions:
                read about “cat spraying” and litter “box problems”


                Interesting, to find out if all cat urine is gone, use a black light

                three things to remember when cleaning up cat urine:

                1) NEVER use ammonia to clean up urine because there is ammonia in urine, which may make the cat want to come back and use the same spot.
                2) Use white vinegar mixed with water and your favorite cleaner. White Vinegar: The VERY BEST odor remover!
                3) Buy “OUT” (avail at Walmart for under $5) or another Enzyme/good bacteria cleaner at a pet store. I like “OUT” because it works and has a slight Vanilla scent. Spray “OUT” after cleaning area well with Vinegar and water. “OUT” has enzymes and good bacteria which “eat” up biologicals To get the most out of the treatment: Do NOT blow dry or use a fan because the longer the product is wet, the longer the bacteria and enzymes are “Alive” which means they work much better “eating” up the urine crystals. Clean, spray with “Out” then cover with plastic (to keep wet longer) overnight. You may repeat as many times as you need. The “Out” does not just mask the odor, it gets rid of it!

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