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Nail Fungus

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      A long time ago, one of my fingernails was bent backwards.  Now a fungus has grown underneath the nail.  It has also gotten in a couple other nails.  I have taken one drug “Sprorax” or something like that.  I would really like a natural way to get rid of this.  PLEASE HELP!!!



        Often the fingernail is merely reflecting what is going on inside the body.  When I have worked with people with fungus, they often would build their immune systems and take products specific to combatting yeast and fungus.  You can look at one on our other site at

        Also, you can use our search engine on that site and look for the word yeast.  This should begin to give you some background.

        Hope that helps.

        Randal Watkins, Editor


          I found this a while back somewhere and filed it for future reference:

          “I heard that vinegar had some healing properties so I decided to
          put it to work on my toe. I  roughed up the nail a bit with an
          emery board, then began soaking my foot in vinegar. Not much, just enough to cover my toes.  I did this about once or twice a week fora few weeks.  Also, I would soak a cotton ball in vinegar, squeeze it out, place it on top of the toenail and adhere it with a Band-Aid. I would do this if I wasn’t leaving the house for an afternoon or before I went to bed at night.

          Literally, within a week I noticed new nail appear, replacing the
          old nail.  My entire big toe had been a mess, but after only a handful of these treatments, my toenail looks completely normal, as if nothing ever happened to it.”


            When I had a fungus on the big toenail , I used a product called pau d’arco.  It killed the fungus.  As the nail grows you simply cut it off.  You can find it in health food store.  It comes in capsules. Open the capsules and pour the contents in hot water.  Soak your foot till the water is cool.  Do this once a day till you have used all of the capsules.  You can use about 10 capsules for each foot soak.



              I liked the vinegar idea.  If it works it would be much less expensive than what I am about to suggest.

              If it doesn’t work, try tea-tree/melaleuca oil.

              For some reason I am very susceptible to fungus infections.  Since discovering melaleuca oil several years ago I have had less trouble with this.  Your just apply a drop or two directly to the affected area once or twice a day.  It is a naturally antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral.

              I have a friend who even used it to get rid of a wart.  She had a very large wart on her finger that had resisted other treatments for over a year and the oil cleared it up in about 3 months.  (It was a VERY large wart.)

              You can purchase tea tree/melaleuca oil at most herb stores or online.

              (Since Randal is so kind as to provide this site for us I feel obliged to point out that he has tea tree oil available at  And no, I donít work for Randal.  I swear!)


                Here’s a link for you to research . . .


                This stuff is FABULOUS and will do so much.  We put a few drops in gelatin capsules to take it as the taste is so bad, but have significantly reduced colds, flu, yeast infections, etc.  It’s been documented to kill a fungal infection such as yours too.

                Best wishes!


                  “dneecie” recommended the Grapefruit Seed Extract for Nail Fungus (or GSE for short) I’m pretty sure this would work wonders and I agree GSE is downright awesome, BUT! you need to be aware of 2 important things when using it. One is to realize it is extremely concentrated & don’t use it in your mouth, or on your face without diluting it, ALOT! or it will do some damage to your skin or mouth.
                  The most important thing about GSE is that IF you take it internally it can cause liver damage if you have Hep C, Liver damage or drink much alcohol. I’ve gotten shooting pains in my liver after taking it orally for infections, But I still use it once in a while externally. It’s amazing stuff, it works for anything from fungus to dandruff to preserving natural soap. It’s made from natural Grapefruit seeds. But Be careful, not many know that it can mess with your liver. One more thing about GSE: As grapefruit juice can interfere with medications, so can GSE. and it can be absorbed right through the skin. So educate yourself and be very careful, just because something is “Natural” doesn’t make it harmless!

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