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Natural Pest Control

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      I spent a few weeks in the rainforest this year and had a gecko at my cabin door that I considered my Gecko Angel. There are some huge roaches in Costa Rica and geckos are known to love them. I had 19 days in that cabin room and never saw a roach, but noticed the gecko (who feeds at night like roaches) around my door and in my room many times.

      I'm not in favor of taking geckos from the wild, or having pets that you are not prepared to care for, but there are home-bred geckos that can live happily in your home taking care of more than just roaches. Be sure you learn more about them before you consider this option.

      We've lived in the woods for many years and there are times when they think your house is their winter home and begin to arrive like tourists. I try to get them in a jar and put them back outside, but Randal is a little less patient and liked to use a recipe that somebody gave us many years back. It has worked for many that we've shared it with.

      Roach Balls
      1/2 cup boric acid (purchased at pharmacy)
      2 T. granulated sugar
      2 T. chopped onion
      2T. shortening
      1 teaspoon water (if needed for consistency)

      Blend in bowl till consistency like dough. Then roll into balls. Put a ball inside a small paper cup and place where you have roach problem. They eat the balls and carry them back to other roaches. The roaches die providing food for other bugs that eat dead bugs. This recipe will make about 25 balls. You can freeze extras. Be sure to keep out of reach of pets and children. We put the ball in small paper cups and tuck them into corners and behind appliances and furniture.


        I think more people should consider installing a bat house on their property for mosquito control. I have had great success with mine after reading about it 2 years ago. It has reduced the population dramatically. I think this is the safest and most economical way of getting rid of mosquitoes.


          Great advice Sharon!  We have put up a bat house at our previous house (never used, but in awful location) and mounted one here when we moved in over 8 years ago.  Never used either, but our area has the Little Brown Bats and they prefer trees and we are surrounded by woods and forests.  They do a great job on the mosquitoes even though there's a pond across the street and we have a small one in our backyard.

          There are some tips on installing them so that bats will be attracted.  This post on a blog may be of help to folks:

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