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      A kitten came into our garage this weekend and grandchildren want us to keep her. She looks to be about 3 months old. I have 2 other is 7 yrs., the other 11 mo. I have started trying to litter train the new far she will not stay in the box and has pooped on my floor twice and on top of the counter in the utility room this morning…however she did cover it with business cards, paper clips, leaves off a plant, anything she could find. She had also peed on the counter the nite before. My other 2 cats are stressed and afraid of her but she is definitely not aggressive. I wondered if I put her litter tray on top of the counter might help acclimate her to the litter box. Please help or I will have to get rid of her.


        Hi there, I just found this post, and I do realize its quite some time now since you posted.  If you still have the kitten and are still having problems, I also had a problem with a stray kitten I took home once.  I found it was the litter that was the problem.  I had to fill the box with actual dirt, and then gradually switch over the litter because she was used to doing her business outdoors.  Poor thing didn't poop for two days til I figured out why and then she was fine.


          If she has not made friends yet with your other cats, she probably won't use the litter box because it has their scents and wastes in the litter box.  Put a separate litter box out for her until she becomes friends with the other cats and is willing to use their box. 


            There's a local gal here in Virginia that has a weekly column on pet behaviors.  This is a PDF sheet with tips on why you'd have litter box issues.  Maybe a few of them may help.  The type of litter is one of them and having to use a box with other cat scents in them may not work as was mentioned.  I hope it will help:

            I sure want you to be able to keep the cat.  Sounds like a really good home with how much you've been trying to make this work.  Bless you!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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