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New kitten and what to do??please help

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      I have a new male kitten (just found it) …i really want to know what kind of shots i need to get it, what i should do w/ the smelling litter box, where it should sleep…how can i clean it….where is a cheap vets i can go to in Marietta, GA to get it check up de-wormed or whatever that i need to do w/ a new pet kitten please help thank you



        2 Good Resources To Check Out:



        The latter has lots of information on cats and several beginners guides too.

        Randal, Editor


          I work for the Humane Society in Athens, just up the road from Marietta. You may want to call the Cat Care Hospital in Marietta at 770-424-6369. I understand that they can do a low cost neuter for your kitty, as well as advise you on what shots he might need, depending on your situation. Also, for a first time pet owner, you may want to check out or for all sorts of good info on shots, litterbox issues, etc. If you need more info, contact any local vet, they are usually happy to answer questions over the phone free of cost, or your local animal shelter. They are a suprising good source of info. Trust me, in the three years I’ve been at the shelter, I think that there is very little I haven’t heard before.


            A couple of tips:  

            To reduce the cost of vaccinations, check with your local pet stores.  They often host special “vaccination days” where vaccinations are available at a very low price to anyone who wants to bring in a pet.  These are usually funded by charitable and/or health organizations who want to reduce disease in the community, so they seem to occur most often in the spring & summer when pets will be out and about.

            You don’t need all the expensive litter boxes or fancy kinds of litter to maintain a healthy cat.  You just need to be faithful about scooping and cleaning.  A simple plastic box, a scoop, and some plain litter are all you really need.  Scoop out solid waste daily and change soiled litter as needed.  Wash box with diluted bleach whenever you change litter and rinse well.  Not only will this help with smell as much as the expensive stuff, it will kill bacteria, too.

            Also, be sure to put down a large bath mat or towel (old is fine) underneath the litter box.  Cats can accidentally scratch litter out of the box, or track it out whenever they leave.  All you’ll have to do is shake out the mat/towel and wash it now and then.  That beats constant sweeping or vacuuming!

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